What is Smart Repair Insurance?

SMART stands for Small Motor Accident Repair Technology.

This policy is designed to assist in maintaining the appearance of your vehicle as at the time of purchase. Ensuring your vehicle remains free from chips, minor dents, light scratches and scuffs.

What does Smart Repair cover?

The minor repair damage to any of your vehicle’s metal body panels and scuffed bumpers not exceeding 15cm in diameter.

Minor repair damage means chips (not exceeding 1.5cm in diameter, minor dents and light scratches which tend to happen during day-to-day motoring.

Where does the Smart Repair take place?

This can either be carried out at your home or work address.

What happens if my claim does not qualify?

If your claim does not meet the criteria for a Smart Repair, up to £250 contribution will be paid upon receipt of a body shop repair invoice towards the damage repair costs.


  • 98% of Claims are agreed
  • Choice of 12, 24 or 36 months cover.
  • Keep your vehicle in showroom condition.
  • Safeguard your no-claims bonus.
  • Convenient Repairs.
  • Lifetime guarantee on all policy repairs.
  • Friendly and convenient claims centre.