Brand New Fiat 500 Electric

Coming soon

The new forthcoming 500 «la Prima» will be built on a completely new platform designed for the entire decade to come. It will ensure a competitive range capability and even more surprising urban cycle autonomy compare to any other 500 ever. Fast Charge mode and branded Wallbox for easy home charging will come as standard.

Range autonomy will cover your daily commute in the city: going to work, gym and back home thanks to up to 320km range*. And when used purely for urban driving, the range will extend to 400km with an impressive urban cycle.

You will be able to choose the "Sherpa Mode": a smart driving setup that takes control of the car, allowing to save energy and calculates exactly how to get to your destination while optimizing car’s parameters: for example, mobile charger, air conditioning, limit speed or acceleration.

The new forthcoming 500 «la Prima» will be one of the first to offer a new driving experience using one pedal both to accelerate and decelerate. Any time the driver lifts the foot from the pedal the car will slow down, then convert and recover kinetic energy to generate electric power and recharge the battery.