G3 Interior & Exterior Protection

What is G3 Paint Protection?

It is a complex formula, ceramic hardened glass finish which links and bonds to your car’s clear-coat lacquer. Its complex formulation means that it demonstrates the characteristics of ‘self-cleaning’.

What are the benefits to me?

G3 helps new cars retain their ‘just new’ look and revitalises the look of pre-owned vehicle. Dirt is easily washed off, ensuring that treated cars also stay looking cleaner for longer. The G3 system utilises technology designed for use by NASA within the Space Industry, delivering exceptional protection in extreme temperatures and the very harshest of environments

Will G3 also protect my car interior?

The G3 Collection ensures your interior also stays as good as new. The unique FCP hypoallergenic formula coats car seats and carpets to provide a hardwearing barrier which guards against stains and spills. 

Does G3 require any maintenance?

No more waxing or polishing is necessary. Simply wash and go!

How long will the product last?

G3 is one of the hardest and most durable products in the market, and comes with a comprehensive 5 year guarantee.

For a more detailed explanation of how GEN-3GLASSCOAT works please watch this short video.Alternatively contact a member of our Sales Team who will be happy to help.